HP 600 G1 Corei3 3.3Ghz 8GB 500GB DVD Writer Slide – $229

HP 600 G1 Corei3 3.3Ghz 8GB 500GB DVD Writer Slide – $299

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HP 600 G1 Corei3 3.3Ghz 8GB 500GB DVD Writer Slide – $299

At A Glance
Designed for long-term deployment within corporate, enterprise, public sector and mid-market commercial organizations
Choice of two professional chassis form factors to accommodate any desired mix between expandability and size
BIOS developed and engineered by HP for better security, manageability and software image stability
IntelĀ® Q57 Express chipset
DDR3 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM)
IntelĀ® Core Processors with vPro Technology (requires select processors)
Supports industry standard management protocols including Intel Standard Manageability and DASH 1.1 (via optional
Broadcom NIC card)
Integrated dual independent monitor support via both a VGA and DisplayPort video interface
Standard efficiency or 89% high efficiency energy saving power supplies available
ENERGY STAR qualified models available (dependent upon the desired configuration)
Models can be configured with multiple hard disk drives in a RAID array
Guaranteed lengthy purchase lifecycles and image stability
Software image fully compatible across all models and form factors
Created using industry leading Design for Environment standards
Selected configurations with global availability easily set up and ordered through HP.com Business to Business portals
Tailored HP Factory Express deployment and lifecycle services available
Protected by HP Services, including standard warranties up to 5-5-5 (terms and conditions vary by country; certain restrictions
and exclusions apply)
Tool-less serviceability features for easier upgrades and repairs

The Intel Q57 Express chipset includes a built-in Management Engine (ME), which allocates memory for manageability functions.
Management Engine memory is shared with system memory. If the PC contains a single SO-DIMM, 16 MB of memory is preallocated
for it at system startup. If the PC contains two SO-DIMMs, 32 MB of memory is pre-allocated. This memory is not made
available to the operating system, just as pre-allocated video memory is not available.